Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Microsoft advises running Word in 'Safe Mode'

This PC World article is absolutely hilarious, though I admit, not entirely Apple-related.

Apparently there's a new Trojan horse (malware that we Mac users don't have to deal with), which buries itself in a real Word file attached to an email, and executes itself when you open the Word file.

Basically, this Trojan, whilst not widespread, exploits a HUGE vulnerability in Word, which Microsoft is working on patching. In the meantime, they advise running WORD in "safe mode", which I find absolutely hilarious. Of course, they claim that it's a simple two-step process; I quote the article: "the first step is to disable the Outlook feature that uses Word for editing e-mails. The second involves creating a new desktop shortcut that adds "/safe" to the Word command line."

Brilliant...I can just imagine Steve Ballmer and the people at Microsoft going "uh...yeah...until we fix Word in safe mode."

The people at Microsoft never fail to make me...'LMAO', so to speak.

It seems appropriate to watch this Apple ad again.


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