Monday, June 05, 2006

Apple relaunches Back-To-School program, offering free iPod nano

Good news for all college students out there, Apple today relaunched their back to school program. Through this program, with any Mac (other than the Mac Mini) purchased between now and September 16th, you not only get the traditional education discount, but you also get a US$179 rebate - equal to the price of the 2GB nano with the student discount applied - on any iPod purchased with the Mac in the same order. This basically means that you get a free 2GB nano, or an equivalent discount of another iPod, if you buy a Mac in this period.

The way the offer works is that you pay for both initially in the same order, and then you submit a rebate form (keep the boxes of your products for this), and get the $179 back.

I took advantage of this offer last year, when I purchased my iBook G4 in August, and it is definitely worth it if you need to/want to get a Mac before the next school period.

Right now the offer seems to only exist on the US online store, but it's just been launched, so it should hit other countries' stores shortly.


At 3:41 pm, Anonymous Michael said...

Not *any* Mac. The Mac Mini doesn't apply.

And it's 1GB nano

At 11:08 pm, Blogger Apple Whore said...

You're right about the Mac Mini, my bad.

But it is in fact the 2GB nano, because the 1GB nano costs US$149, the 2GB costs $199, but with the student discount, the 2GB is $179, which is how much the rebate is.

At 3:44 pm, Anonymous Michael said...

And iPod prices have been lowered too. Yay :)

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