Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.4.7

Apple today released the latest update to Mac OS X Tiger, 10.4.7, which you can get via Software Update or via Apple's downloads page.

10.4.7 adds numerous fixes, which are documented on the site. If you are using a MacBook Pro, apparently it adds the feature that was released with the MacBook that allows you to Ctrl+Click (right-click) using the trackpad by placing 2 fingers on the trackpad and clicking.

I've installed 10.4.7 and my system appears to be running a little bit more smoothly. It was a bit sluggish at times under 10.4.6, with far too many spinning beachballs of death for my liking. But at the moment, it seems to be a bit more responsive, which is not unusualy after an update from Apple.

That's one thing I love about Mac OS X. When it updates, it's usually the case that performance improves, unlike many other operating systems, which increase the required system specs with each upgrade, thus rendering older machines less usable. Upgrading from Panther to Tiger, for example, usually improves performance substantially.

There haven't been many reported issues that I've seen with this update, so I had no reservations in just jumping in and downloading it; 10.4.6 was getting on my nerves. Did anybody else find OS X 10.4.6 very sluggish compared to 10.4.5?


At 2:15 pm, Anonymous Tania said...

Oh for sure! 10.4.6 was sluugggish

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