Sunday, June 18, 2006

HoudaSpot now free from MacZOT!

HoudaSpot, which I reviewed in this post, is now available for free from MacZOT!

Hurry though, there are only just under 3000 free licenses left, and once they're gone, if you want a copy of HoudaSpot, you'll have to pay for it. When you sign up for your free copy, you get a license emailed to you, which you can then use to register your copy of HoudaSpot.

If you haven't heard of MacZOT before, I really do recommend that you go and check it out, and bookmark it. They have great discounts on great Mac software every day, and they have offers like this very frequently. I got my copy of AppZapper this way, for free. And one can actually understand why software developers support them. In order to bring the price of HoudaSpot down to $0.00, people had to blog about it, and for each blog, the price went down by $0.05. That's quite a lot of blog entries, considering that the original price was $14.95, and as such, quite a lot of publicity for the developers of HoudaSpot.

Even though the software itself isn't something I'd use regularly (it's not a bad piece of software though, very well designed), free stuff is always good, and MacZOT is just a fantastic way of promoting quality Mac software. It's a great concept that benefits developers and consumers alike.


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