Saturday, June 03, 2006

Podcast #6

In today's show:

  • Apple + Nike partnership
  • Competing with the iPod
  • Apple OS on Dell support site
  • Apple Fifth Avenue time lapse marriage proposal story

  • Rumours
  • Apple Gaming project?
  • Apple phone? Simple or complex?

  • Apple Quality Control
  • Is it getting worse?
  • MacBook Pro story
  • Trying to understand the problems - a period of transition

  • BitTorrent on Mac
  • Intro + 3 BitTorrent clients
  • Official BitTorrent
  • Azureus
  • Tomato Torrent

  • Tip!
  • Great way of keeping passwords secure and easily accessible
  • Using an encrypted disk image

  • Listen to today's show here.

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