Monday, June 26, 2006

WWDC approaching; Digg 3.0 released today!

The Apple world has been noticeably devoid of news in recent days, but a lull in activity is not unusual before an important event. I'm talking about the World Wide Developer's Conference of course, which is coming up this August. Probably second only to the Macworld Expo in terms of significance in the Apple world, the WWDC has been one of Apple's favourite outlets for showing off awesome new products. This year is no different, and the most highly anticipated event at the WWDC will of course be the promised preview of the next version of OS X - 10.5 Leopard. Apple today announced, unsurprisingly, that Steve Jobs will be doing the keynotes speech - expect him to make Leopard look like the greatest thing ever, which it quite likely will be.

But since there hasn't been much going on in the world of Apple otherwise, I haven't had much to write about! One announcement worth a note though, is that Digg has launched the latest version of its website, Digg 3.0, today. If you haven't checked out Digg before, it's a great site. It's a social news network, where users submit and vote for stories, and the most popular get posted to the front page. Not too exciting for mainstream news, but Digg is the best source of interesting, amusing stories out there that you might not otherwise have discovered. It has a whole section devoted to Apple as well, so it's a great source of unique, user-submitted stories. And all the major stories make the front page too. I've been using Digg for a long time, and I really recommend that you go check it out if you haven't before!


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