Sunday, July 30, 2006

Random app: kip - grab it for free while you can!

I just stumbled upon this interesting looking new application, called 'kip', found here. This version (1.01) is currently FREE, but the next version will not be free and will require purchase.

The site describes kip (spelled with a lower-case 'k') as 'iPhoto for your documents', which strikes me as an intriguing idea. I've downloaded the application and will spend a bit of time playing around with it. What it does essentially is display PDF files much like iPhoto displays images, and it also allows you to tag the documents. This is similar to iPhoto's keywords, but having seen the way it's implemented, it's probably more accurate to compare it to bookmark tags on (which is a personal and social bookmarking site that is definitely worth checking out if you haven't used it before).

The reason kip strikes me as a particularly promising idea is the fact that it handles PDF documents. This doesn't surprise me, as the PDF format is tightly and excellently integrated into OS X: Preview is one of the best PDF readers around, and every application that you can print from gives you the option of saving as PDF. If you're like me, and you like to convert and save text files, web pages and other documents as PDFs, kip could actually be very, very useful indeed. One problem I have with documents is that they end up all over the place (I don't dump all my random documents in OS X's 'Documents' folder). If kip provides a simple way of storing, organising and displaying all of my documents, I just might find myself using it on a regular basis. We'll see...lots of great ideas for apps end up being poorly implemented.

If this application turns out to be fabulous, I will definitely come back and write about it again. For now, I need to spend more time fiddling with it to see what it can do. And remember, this version is free, and future versions will not if the idea interests you, go and grab a free copy while you can.


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