Friday, August 18, 2006

Apple product placement in 'Miami Vice'

I just got back from watching 'Miami Vice', and whilst I won't comment on the movie too much, I noticed that it has followed the trend of such shows as 24, Sex and the City and many other films and TV shows by featuring Macs and glowing Apple logos. But it's not the fact that one often sees Macs in movies that amuses it me, it's who uses them. One common trend I've seen in numerous movies and shows is that the good guys use Macs, and the bad guys use PCs.

Miami Vice is a perfect example of what I mean (I'll try my best not to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen the film yet). Jamie Foxx's character and the girl that Colin Farrell's character falls for both use Macs, and there are at least 2 scenes in which the back of either a Powerbook or a MacBook Pro is featured, which of course means a glowing Apple logo onscreen. But on top of that, the bad guys in the movie don't use Macs. There's one scene in which one drug dealer shows a video to his boss, and to do so, he drops a clunky PC notebook on the table. Interesting eh?

Now I'm pretty sure that Apple doesn't pay movies to feature their products, if anything it might be the opposite. So why does this phenomenon exist? Why do good guys use Macs, and bad guys use PCs? It could have a lot to do with the images and ideas associated with Macs. I would speculate, and this is probably especially true in Hollywood, that Macs and other Apple products have the cool and sexy factor not associated with other PC manufacturers or tech companies. So what better way of reinforcing your main characters then to have them use shiny, sexy Macs, and have the bad guys use ugly, dull PCs?

Just a fun little thing I noticed that I thought I might share. What's even better is that when I pointed it out to my best friend whom I was watching the movie with, I received a prolonged groan in response and was asked why I had to notice things like that. Who wouldn't?


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